About Lars Krux

Lars Krux is a photographer, traveller and explorer.

He is living in Hamburg, Germany.

But as he is truly addicted to travelling, Krux feels native to the world.

Krux started back in 2012 with photography as a hobby. After four years of learning and practising he made the decision to quit his regular nine-to-five job in order to follow his passion for photography instead. As a full-time photographer Krux has the goal to capture the beauty of the world with his camera

His working style is indivual and his photographs are unique and distinctive.

Lars Krux is often disregarding common conventions to create unique visual highlights

The countries which impressed him the most are Iceland, Norway, China and Vietnam

His expedition to the third-biggest cave in the world (Hang-En Cave, Vietnam, 2015) was published in various online portals and editorials, such as Mirror UK, Dailymail, Yahoo, Paris Match and many more international publications. You can find out more about it in the Press section.

Several established Social Media profiles, such as Instagram, Facebook, 500px, Twitter and his own Website larskrux.com are reflecting his reach and professional network.

Business Partners value his role as a content creator and influencer. Krux is working with a professional network of partners and companies, such as promotion- and event-agencies, styling- and make-up artists and international fashion and beauty models. He also performed B2B projects for companies like C&A and many more.

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