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Photo Credit on Manager Magazin DE (Dec 2018)

Das renommierte deutsche Magazin MANAGER MAGAZIN interviewte den Inhaber der Agentur Blank und Biehl, Jan Mitja Biehl zum Thema "Weihnachtsmann Mieten".   

Foto Credit: Lars Krux Photography & Studio Krux Hamburg

December 6th, 2018

Link zum Artikel:

Model Sedcard Photo by Studio Krux (2018)

Example for a model sedcard contribution.

Modelwerk - a model agency in Germany - added this photo of Selina to their website.

It was taken by Lars Krux/Studio Krux in an outdoor shooting with Selina.  

Spiegel Online feature "Instagram Hotspots" Germany (Nov 2017)

Lars Krux got featured in the editoral for central European Instagram hotspots.

Magazine:  the most prestigous news portal in Germany, "Spiegel Online".

The story is reflecting locations which become more and more popular, such as the Devil's Bridge (Rakotzbr├╝cke) in the Eastern part of Germany or the charming mountain village Hallstatt in Austria.

Lars Krux' photos of both locations were published in the story 

Hang-En Cave / Vietnam / Pressreleases (2015)

Lars Krux enjoyed several editorials about his expedition to the third-biggest cave in the world. It is located in the vietnamese jungle, only accessible by a long walk through the jungle in combination with an overnight stay right in the massive cage.      

Please read some examples below, several magazines published the story of the expedition. 

(MIRROR UK)  "Lars Krux and his wife lugged 15 kilogrammes of photography equipment through the jungle to take these stunning pictures"

(DAILYMAIL UK) " World's third largest cave has its own climate, jungle... and even a golden beach with turquoise waters"

More articles on:


... and many more

Hang En Cave; Vietnam

Spiegel Online Feature Instagram (Feb 2017)

Prominent feature of a steam train photo adventure in the German Harz mountains in Germany's most prestigious news magazine SPIEGEL ONLINE

[In German language, February 1st, 2017]

Link to the feature on SPIEGEL ONLINE  

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